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Willerby, Hull Lidl

Incorporating Lidl’s new modern design and corporate branding, the new store provides a light and spacious shopping environment to replace the existing dated store on the site. The new design includes a larger sales area, full height glazing, bakery and a customer amenity area to provide a modern, clean and light shopping environment.

Holmfirth Lidl

The new Lidl store is located in the picturesque town of Holmfirth. The store was designed to compliment and blend in with the surrounding area. Stone walls, a slate parapet roof and architectural stone features replicated from the previous building on the site were used in the building design. This continued and enhanced  the existing street scene along Huddersfield Road leading  into Holmfirth town centre..

The site presented numerous challenges during the construction of the store. These included upgrading an existing culvert running through the site  and diverting a mains sewer around the new Lidl store.  Large retaining structures were also required along the bank of River Holme, to create a level plato for the store and car park to be built.